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Lease Rental Discounting

Capital Den Advisory LLP with its team comprising of the experienced LRD loan consultants in Pune offers the most diverse solutions to cater various needs of the people. This is one of the best ways to look for the most suitable term loans that are offered against rental receipts, and this is the best place when it comes to finding the right lease rental discounting in Pune. The decision is on the lender to decide the amount of fund to release against rental receipts. Our expertise lies in aligning your rent and the amount of fund that can be released for you. You can receive moderate rate of interest if your presentation to the banker is satisfactory. You can avail our services in Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad and Dhule.

If you have a property on which you get rental income, you can avail quick loans on the basis of the rent receivable in the future LRD is a term loan with a maximum tenure of up to 9 years approximately. The loan amount is based on the rent to be collected over the lease period. The cash flow receivable in the future is discounted at the applicable rate. The maximum loan amount is not more than 70% of the property value, and there is a wide array of different LRD loans plans to cater as per your requirements. Here the rent takes care of the EMIs and thus it is very convenient for you to pay EMI. Just like Loan against Property, the borrower enjoys the benefit of rising property prices. Contact us today!

Meet the best LRD loan consultants

If you are looking for the most suitable solutions for lease rental discounting in Pune, then Capital Den Advisory LLP is certainly is the place where your search ends. We always strive to maintain our brand goodwill and reputation and come up with the best possible solutions to meet your requirements.

Lease Rental Discounting is a smart way to meet your financing needs with the aid of a bank or any other financial institutes and lending organizations. This is a loan that is disbursed to the borrower based upon the rent that is to be collected over the period of lease. There are various intricacies linked to such kinds of loans and being the veteran lrd loan consultants in Pune; we are well aware of them.

With Lease Rent Discount schemes, you can easily take this advantage of owning a residential or commercial property. So, all that you now need is guidance from the best lrd loan consultants in Pune to help you obtain this loan smoothly. Being Pune's leading solution provider for lease rental discounting, we can tell you that getting such types of loans is pretty simple and apart from monetizing your property, you can also seek the funding for your personal or business intents.

When you have the best advisors for lease rental discounting in Pune with you, you do not need to worry. We are here to offer you with all the required details like kinds of loan, different offers, and all other solutions. We help to get the most affordable rates on your loans along with getting over with the approval process efficiently and fast. With varying rates of interest from one organization to another, we help you to understand all the different solutions, to come up with a comparison so that you can decide which plan to opt for. Capital Den Advisory LLP helps you access the most suitable loan plans as per your individual needs. Even when you are in need of quick funding, you can reach us for advice at any time. We will offer you assistance to get over your woes with loans.